Napoleon and Irene Pantazis had a vision.

In 1968, Paul and Rene Pantazis established Parap Fine Foods in the heart of the inner-city, family suburb of Parap. Parap Fine Foods grew up with the City of Darwin; with Darwin transforming from a sleepy-tropical town of 28,000 people to the bustling 145,000-strong hub of North Australia it is today, Parap Fine Foods became more than a corner store. Today, the shop is more than a business; it's a nationally recognised emporium, which continues to have a love affair with food, wine, art, people, family and friends.

Neville and Paula continue their parents' legacy.

Today, Paul and Rene's children Neville and Paula have taken the reigns of the shopfront in Parap and their desire to bring the best produce and products to Darwin and Australia is unwavering. Now, Parap Fine Foods has over 10,000 gourmet food lines, reflecting the unique, multicultural fabric of life in Darwin today. Parap Fine Foods has also incorporated local artwork into it's shopfront, contributing to Parap's culture and image. Neville and Paula are at the shop everyday, continuing the wonderful traditions of Parap Fine Foods established by Paul and Rene, who still work and appear at the place where it all began.

Today, the next generation grows in the same shop Paul and Rene built from the ground.

The Pantazis family continues to raise the next generations among the myriad of shared conversations and stories from decades passed. Today, Paul and Rene's granddaughter Larena is a proud worker at Parap Fine Foods, being the third generation of the Pantazis family to work in the shop. The shop continues to be a crossroad of colour, race, religion and culture of customers old and new, of births, marriages and all of us growing older together. Every face that has come in and out of shop over the past 47 years all proudly remain a part of our Parap Fine Foods Family.